Ford Unveils the Sleek New F-150 Tremor

Ford TremorFord has unveiled its new performance truck the Tremor. This F-150 is hot to trot and fills in this performance slot nicely where the Lightning once stood. The Tremor will not be an all out power house and it is doubtful that your new Tremor will smoke your buddies souped up Lightning.

However, it will be much sleeker, more comfortable, get better fuel mileage and boast and Eco-Boosted V6 engine. The Tremor will out perform many V8 trucks and it will get better fuel economy in the process.

The Tremor is a regular cab short box pickup truck that will be a force to reckoned with once some bolt ons start being produced for it. Out of the box it will have 365 Horsepower and 420 ft/lbs of torque, obviously nothing to snuff your nose at.

The interior of the truck is what makes it so special in our opinion. Ford has been known for making big advances in interior design and the Tremor is no exception. Ford does a great job at giving a pickup truck a cock pit feel, at least a cock pit feel for a pick up truck.

In summary the Tremor is a fun truck that owners can feel good about. With tons of power and great fuel economy thanks to Fords Eco-Boost engine. This truck has tons of aftermarket potential and I’m sure it won’t be long before these trucks are making everyone forget about the Ford Lightning.


Photo credit: Automotive Rhythms / / CC BY-NC-ND


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