Dodge’s New Hemi

6.4 hemiThere is a lot of excitement in the air when people began to talk about the new Hemi from Dodge. This new V8 engine is another milestone that characterizes the innovation that Dodge is so well-known for the automobile industry.

This new supercharged engine is getting a lot of attention because it will be the centerpiece to some of the most popular cars from the Dodge family. This engine will be placed in Dodge Chargers and Muscle cars from the Dodge vehicle family. These cars were already powerful, but the new engine is bound to add a lot more speed and power to these vehicles.

The rumors and speculation about the quick response time vary. Lots of people have been comparing this to turbocharged engines. The most noticeable difference is that the Hemi engines can respond faster because the engine is mechanically driven.

The 6.4 liter gas engine for 2014 is said to pack a greater punch than any of the engines of the past. People are focusing on the Dodge Ram because it will be declared the hardest work truck and this is largely because of the new Hemi engine. People that will be using this are expected to have the best horsepower for vehicles on the road.

There is also a lot of talk about how the new Hemi, in conditions like cruise control, has the ability to shutdown cylinders in a seamless motion to allow Dodge vehicle owners to save fuel. This is what really makes this new Hemi stand out. People get the ability to have the increased horsepower, but they also get a chance to conserve fuel during their drive time. This shows a great level of engineering efficiency. This is an enhancement that shows that this is not just about the speed. The new Hemi is also about saving consumers money.

The crankcase is also designed with much better ventilation on the new Hemi. This is another money saver for Dodge drivers because this will result in greater efficiency in engine oil usage. People that keep their vehicles for long periods and acquire high miles will certainly benefit from this during the life of the vehicle.

A lot of people are thrilled about the new Hemi because it is more durable. Engineers have optimized oil usage and designed a better engine. This power of the new Hemi will impress new and loyal Dodge customers.

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