Check Your Transmission Fluid

check your transmission fluidHelp yourself by being responsible in maintaining the regular care of your car. This includes checking the transmission fluid. Only you can take charge of regular maintenance

Rely on the owner’s manual to check when its best to know what’s best for your car. But of course the more frequently you check can potentially prevent possible problems for your car.
In order to check your transmission fluid, you must first locate the dip stick and wipe it clean. Its not necessary to look at the level when you first pull it out.
Make sure you turn on the engine briefly, in order be sure the measurement is accurate. After taking out the dip stick then wipe it with a clean cloth, and return it into place. Then pull it out, just as you would when checking your oil levels.
Look for the level, generally there will be a line which will tell you whether the fill point is at a safe point. If not you must fill it just as you would oil, but it takes much less transmission fluid than it does oil.
Checking your manual transmission fluid requires a little more work. There is a plug in the transmission you have to remove. Generally you can stick your finger in and check it. If it is covered, then there is enough. But you check your owner’s manual for when to change it. Most say that you should change it every thirty thousand miles. But check it to be sure. The color, like your oil well tell you when to change it.
You should always count on the fact that prevention can avoid problems in the future. Of course the better maintained you car is the better the resale price. An older car needs especially to be constantly maintained, especially, if you use it a great deal. Its most important that you take charge of maintaining your own car. An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure.
Whoever wishes to buy a used car will look for the small things that make the difference in a good car and one the may forever cause problems to the next owner. So don’t pass on your lack of good car care to others.
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