Canada’s 2013 Truck King Challenge

2013 chevy hdThe Canadian Truck King Challenge is an event that happens each year and is all about pick-ups. Those who are owners of these fine vehicles swap stories about their truck and are always quick to listen to others as they tell theirs. They give advice on how to make their truck winter safe, how to get the best gas mileage and just how to be a pick-up man. There are plenty of tales told, and they cover the good, the bad and the ugly of truck ownership. Most stories are told over a cup of coffee or a nice dinner. If someone is thinking of getting a truck, this is the place to get the real scoop on the model before heading out and spending a ton of money.

The contest is simple; it is a head to head rivalry that includes six pickup truck manufacturing companies all in the same location at the same time. It is tested and judged by automotive journalists and there are no loyalties involved. The contest happens every fall, and 2013 was the fifth edition of this event. These events have run consecutively except for 2008.

This years’ event started on Monday Sept. 30th and concluded on Saturday Oct 5th. This year was guaranteed to be a steep competition and there were many entries, as 2014 promises to be a banner year for trucks. However, it was the Chevrolet Silverado HD that took home the gold. A series of competitions, which began in London, ON and throughout the Southwestern Ontario areas, asked trucks and their owners to perform several challenges.

Judges were asked to be passengers to judge how a truck rode while hauling product. The trucks were tested in many areas, including pulling a load of 14,500 lbs. After a three vigorous day challenge, the winner was announced. There are six categories for folks to enter their truck in the competition. They are:

• Midsize Smaller Than A V6

• Midsize V6 and Larger

• ½ Ton V6 Engine

• ½ Ton Under 5 L

• ½ Ton Over 5 L

• 1 Ton

These categories allow the judges to have a framework to test within. The idea is to drive the trucks back to back over a 3 day period and to test them in numerous categories. Judges scored them on the tests and evaluated the truck’s overall performance both inside and out. Next year’s competition is already in the world, and enthusiasts can’t wait to share their stories of ownership and to prove whose truck is bigger and better.

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