Can I put a Headache Rack on my Truck? A Guide for Truck Owners.

You may be wondering, “What is a headache rack? Can i put a headache rack on my truck?” Headache racks can be a very useful addition to a truck. These versatile add-ons have many uses and some safety features for the discerning truck owner. Below are some reasons why a headache rack would make a useful addition to any truck.

What is a Headache Rack?

A headache rack is essentially a rack that’s located right behind the rear windows of the cab of the truck. It looks like a horizontal series of bars or a diamond grid. Multiple items, such as tire chains, can be hung from these bars. The rattling caused by the chains hitting the bars is how the headache rack got its name. Also, one can get a headache from them by crawling around in the back of the truck and climbing up in the wrong spot, hitting their head on the rack.

Solid Construction

Having a headache rack made out of a durable material, such as steel or aluminum, can protect the rear windows if there is a heavy, unsecured load in the back of the truck. This is useful when traveling through rough terrain, where one may be going up and down steep hills and the driver might have to slam the brakes. The objects in the back of the truck will hit the headache rack, instead of the window, potentially protecting the driver from having the rear window shatter.

Deflect incoming sunlight

One beneficial feature of a headache rack is the ability to deflect incoming sunlight. The incoming sunlight is filtered through the bars and less intense on the inside of the cab. This can be a useful safety feature, especially when traveling through an environment that reflects a lot of sunlight, such as desert or snow.

Beacon Lights

Another feature of headache racks is some can accommodate light mounts of the top of them for beacon lights. This is useful for situations with low visibility, such as off-roading or frequent travel through foggy conditions. They also serve as a tie-down point when the need arises to secure a heavy load of cargo.

Custom Rack

A closeup of a backup and brake light on a truck rackAlmost any type of truck can have a headache rack. If skilled with welding, one could make one using steel or aluminum. Many shops also carry stock brands for the most popular types of trucks, but the selection can be limited. However, there’s also a proliferation of boutique shops online where a person can order a custom made headache rack for their truck with a design suited to their taste.

No matter if a person uses their truck for off-roading or hauling around heavy equipment, a headache rack can be a very useful piece of equipment and a potential safety feature for any truck owner.

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