Bubba Watson Orders Ford Raptor

bubba watson truck

The Original Idea For The Bulletproof Truck

The original idea and plan for this vehicle came from the Oakley Sports Marketing team who had done their homework on Watson and what his tastes were when it came to vehicles. Watson already owned a General Lee retro sports car as well as a hovercraft, and after consulting with the marketing department for sports trucks, Oakley agreed to build him a surfer-style truck with personalized gadgets as well as adding in the bulletproof and body design features. The truck itself actually took 6 months to complete.

The Exterior Design Of The BulletProof Truck

The truck itself has the appearance of a luxury truck, though instead of embodying the look of a typical rugged outdoor truck, this truck is a little more SUV-like in appearance. It has an Oakley logo hollowed out in the front grille to give it the full display of the company, and a raised cab and customized fender to go with it. Every facet of the truck’s exterior is bulletproof including the Windows, so while Bubba may not have any plans to take the truck through hostile territories, the truck is fortified just in case.

The Colors Of The Bulletproof Truck

The truck itself is not only exquisitely shaped and built out of impenetrable material, but also painted in colors that give it a sporty military look. The truck does have a black and purple-colored camouflage paint coating it, but one look at the interior and nobody would think the army owns it. The interior colors have black offset by lime green colors on the seats and up in the dashboard, making it quite appealing for sports vehicle lovers who like exclusive colors found in other ATVs and racing vehicles.

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