Best Pickup Mud Tires

For all your off-road adventures, the terrain tends to consist of deep mud, tough trails, slippery rocks and loose soil. Thus, you need the best pickup mud tires which would provide maximum traction by biting into muddy surfaces so that your truck can be easily propelled over slippery rocks and loose soils. Most brands make the tires specifically for off road or all-purpose terrain. The following are the best pickup mud tires in the market:

1. BF Goodrich (Mud Terrain) – The strong sidewall of the tires is something that users tend to appreciate. They look extremely good and it is surprising that they can stand such abusive terrain without any problems. The highway performance never suffers even after repeated use over off road tracks. Plus, they are much quieter than other options like GoodYear Wrangler etc. Not only are they great on muddy terrains, even on hard packed snow and rocks, BF Goodrich tires seem to excel.

Big Mud Terrain2. Dick Cepek (Mud Country) – These tires have specifically been developed for pickup trucks and utility vehicles that have to go through muddy terrains on a daily basis and prefer large sized tough dials. They offer excellent and unmatched traction on roads covered with snow and mud. When the speed falls below 20mph, they do make a low humming sound but it’s not intolerable. The balance beads work perfectly without any vibrations at 70mph. The handling response on off-road terrains is perfect and no spinning is experienced.

3. Dunlop (Radial Mud Rover) – These tires offer acceptable ride on pavements, muddy terrains and are perfect for day to day use. There is some amount of noise that has been reported from these tires but it is not too much and is tolerable. The tread wear is particularly brilliant and people who consider Dunlop to be a reliable brand would not be disappointed. They are also suited for Jeeps.

4. Goodyear (Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar) – These tires are good but they are only meant for those who prefer light truck driving. Thus, not meant for heavy use but that does not mean they don’t work well. For the money, these tires are worth it in terms of traction, ability to work on muddy and rough terrains and superior grip. However, it has been reported that the wear-out is quicker as compared to other options.

If you want your tires to have as much capability off-the-road as they have on-the-road, you should go for all-terrain tires instead of mud tires.

Photo credit: Vicki & Chuck Rogers / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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