Best Gifts for Pickup Owners

giftsWhen it comes time to choosing a gift, it is not always difficult, particularly if the person who you will give the gift to has just bought a new truck. There are so many new items they will need but here are a few suggestions:


If the person will travel a lot with their new truck you might consider a global positioning system (GPS) to help them with their directions to get to different places. Some GPS devices may require you to pay a monthly subscription cost but others may not so this is something to research before you make the purchase. A GPS system can be placed in different vehicles and many provide directions to specific destinations such as restaurants or various attractions.

Bed Extender

Another item to consider is bed extender and might be a good choice if the person often carries loads in the back of the truck. This extension that is basically a chrome bar will lengthen the truck bed area which also allows for lowering the tailgate. You can also secure various items to the back of the truck by using a bed extender. Before you shop you must know the model and make of the truck as some bed extenders only fit specific types of trucks.

Mud Flaps

To help keep the truck tires and wheels clean as it travels over any mud or dirt, you should also look into mud flaps. You could even choose custom made flaps as long as you know the model and make of the truck you are purchasing it for. However there are a variety of mud flaps available in so many sizes, shapes and colors so you can make it easy by going with the owners’ likes and dislikes. Mud flaps are now produced of materials that avoid cracking or discoloration, plus they are affordable.

Tons of Goodies

Another great idea is to make a gift basket to put all the extras that the owner will need. You could select a good sized storage box to place the items in and many of these storage cases can easily be stored under a seat. You can select necessity items such as a gift cards for a gasoline station or a car wash, a can of wax, car sponges and cleaning solution, a travel mug, an insurance/registration holder wallet which fits in the glove compartment, a little waste bucket, air freshener and a box of tissues.

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