Aftermarket Air Filters

Air filters are an important part of your trucks operating systems. Air filters work by trapping the dirt and other particles in material that is layered like an accordion. This allows clean air to flow through and keep the dirt behind, allowing your engine to get the air it needs in a clean manner. Changing air filters when they are dirty, which is at least once a year with normal use, is important to pro-long the life of your engine and help with the gas mileage of your truck.

There are many different air filters out there to choose from. Aftermarket air filters can create more air volume and a larger, unrestricted air flow into your system. When done properly this can increase your power and fuel economy, which is why aftermarket air filters are a popular addition to pick-up trucks.

There are many different brands of aftermarket air filters. Among the most popular are Spectre, Injen, aFe, and Green. There are difference amongst all brands of air filters, so doing your research to know which is best for your needs is important.

Spectre air filters are made specifically for your vehicle make and model and will not void your vehicle’s warranty once installed, which is important. They’re legal in all 50 states, so there’s no concern on being cited for them! The Spectra air filter is made with high-quality cotton to filter your air to allow your engine to burn fuel more efficiently and help increase your horsepower. Backed by a lifetime warranty.


Injen air filters are designed specifically to go with an Injen air intake system for maximum performance in your truck. Made with high quality cotton, these filters are washable and reusable. These are made in the USA and are backed by a lifetime warranty.


AFe air filters are made with cotton gauze, increase your clean air intake, and are also washable and reusable. AFe air intakes differ from other brands with their custom shape that has the deepest pleats on the market for trapping dirt. They also have rounded ends for extra surface to get your air the cleanest possible for better engine performance. Backed by a lifetime warranty.


Green air filters are for the more environmentally friendly users. Offering the same washable and reusable feature, maximizing engine performance by sending cleaner air through, and also backed by a lifetime warranty, these air filters are also made with the environment in mind!

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