7 Destinations for You and Your Truck This Summer

One of the benefits of owning a truck is the freedom that it gives to take your travels off the beaten path. If you are looking to enjoy a few great adventures with your truck, consider one of these seven destinations.

Rubicon Trail, California

With highs in the 80s and 90s in the summer, the Rubicon Trail is hot, but not too hot. Considered one of the most challenging off-road courses on the continent, the trial is a four-day outing, so come prepared. You can camp along the way, but you have to be no more than 50 feet from the marked trail. Keep in mind that the road here is quite rugged, so make sure your truck is ready for the challenge. The Rubicon Trail is closed in late July and early August for a Jeeps-only event.

Mojave National Preserve

The country’s third-largest national park spanning 1.6 million acres, the Mojave National Preserve offers plenty of space to explore in your truck, both on and off-road. During your visit, you can see the stunning Joshua tree forests, hear the singing sand dunes or explore volcanic cinder cones. Come in the spring to see the park come to life with stunning beds of wildflowers. Abandoned homesteads and mines give this destination a historic feel as well. Keep in mind that temperatures in the summer regularly exceed 100 degrees in this desert area of southern California.

Superlift ORV Park

Mega Cab TrucksLocated in Central Arkansas near Hot Springs, Superlift ORV is the only privately owned off-road park that warrants a spot on this top seven list. For a $30 daily use fee, you can take your truck through the beautiful forested land. Consider a visit in the fall, when the trees explode in brilliant color. You can camp at the park if you wish to stay for a few days to explore the 1,250 acres. Temperatures in the summer are in the 80s, making this a popular choice for truck owners who don’t prefer the intense desert heat.

Ouray, Colorado

Towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls and wooded land earned the town of Ouray, Colorado the nickname of “Switzerland of America.” Located within the San Juan National Forest, Ouray is only accessible via Highway 550. You won’t have to camp here, as Alpine-themed hotels dot the cliff sides, but you will find your truck makes it easier to navigate the steep inclines of this rugged and dramatic area.

Moab, Utah

With highs in the 90s all summer long, Moab is another hot destination, but one worth considering for its brilliant red rock formations contrasting against a deep blue sky. Drive to the top of a cliff for breathtaking views while visiting this popular destination. A visit to the town of Moab puts you at the doorstep of Canyonlands and Arches State Parks, as well as the Dead Horse Point State Park and several scene byways in the area, so you will have plenty of land to explore while you visit.

Mendocino National Forest, California

Few parts of the world are quite as beautiful as Northern California, and Mendocino National Forest gives you a place to explore this beauty in your truck. As the only national forest in the state that does not have a paved road or highway running through it, it is a great place to truly experience nature. Pull up along Lake Pillsbury to soak it all in.

Whipsaw Trail, British Columbia

If you are ready for a cool summer adventure, head north to Canada and the Whipsaw Trail. Here, where temperatures rarely break the 80s in the summer, you can explore two mountains along a trail that was a former mining road. Beautiful meadows, cool lakes and towering mountain peaks await you as you explore this area. July and August are the driest seasons, making an ideal time to visit.

Have you tackled any of these destinations in your truck? What summer travel plans have you made? With a truck, you can enjoy a number of outdoor recreational opportunities. So go ahead, pack up your stuff and hit the road!

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