5 Ways to Use Magnum Truck Racks

Whether you are talking about work or play, Magnum truck racks can deliver functionality and style to your pick up truck. These racks are feature packed and are custom made for each model truck. This means no matter what full size pick up you drive Magnum has a solution for you. Here are a few ways to use a Magnum truck rack;

1. Carrying Ladders

If you are a painter, contractor or anyone else who needs to carry long ladders you will love the Magnum rack systems. You can use the detachable rear rack with any of our body racks such as the low pro rack or the standard rack to make a full system. The detachable rear rack is adjustable which makes it easy to carry different things without a lot of hassle. This is the most efficient way to carry ladders and also the best looking way.

2. Add Extra Lights

Mounting rear facing lights on your Magnum rack will increase visibility if you do any work in the rear of your truck. Maybe you are working on something in your truck, behind your truck or on the truck itself. The Low Pro Truck rack has reverse and brake lights built in with a specially designed wiring harness that makes your truck even more functional, especially if you are carrying something that covers your tails lights.

3. Hauling Boats

The detachable rear rack is also a great way to haul kayaks and canoes. The rugged design means these racks will hold up and won’t allow your boat to scrape the cab of your truck. With plenty of tie down areas Magnum racks are very functional for any sort of play time and make you look good doing it.

4. Protection

We have all had a friend (or maybe personally) who has blown out a rear window with there ATV or other toy while loading it in their truck. With a Magnum truck rack those worries will go away. A truck rack from Magnum will practically pay for itself if it saves you from having to buy a new back window for your pick-up truck.

5. Add Style and Value

Between the added style points and all the scratches a Magnum truck rack could save you from, your truck will have an increased value. Magnum truck racks are built to last out of durable yet lightweight material that will look great for the life of your truck. If you ever want to sell your truck, your rack is sure to add value. That is, if you decide to leave it on the truck when it goes…

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