5 Uses for a Truck Rack on the Farm

A farm truck is a work truck, plain and simple. When you invest in a farm truck, you know that the truck is going to be worked hard. If you are looking to get even more function out of your farm truck, a truck rack can help. Truck racks allow you to store items vertically, lifting them above the cab of the truck to make use of all of the space available. Here are 5 uses for a truck rack on the farm and how it can help improve life on the farm.

1. Hauling Feed

Your truck is an essential part of the feeding process if your farm has animals. Make sure you can feed those animals efficiently by using a truck rack. The truck rack keeps feeding barrels and bags in place, and you can even hook some buckets of feed directly to the rack to keep them upright. Add sides to the rack and your truck becomes a hay wagon. With this addition, you can easily transport feed from the storage area to the feeding area.

2. Hauling Building Supplies

The work of a farmer includes many times when the skills of a builder come into play. Repairing fencing, building outbuildings, expanding barns – all of these tasks require a significant amount of materials and tools. Those materials are cumbersome and difficult to transport, not to mention heavy. A truck rack allows you to haul even more items in the bed of your truck, by elevating them so they can ride above the cab and utilizing all of the vertical space in the bed. This allows you to transport fencing, paint, lumber, and steel without the need to hitch a trailer on to your truck.

3. Hauling Tools

Dog In A Truck From animal care supplies to the ladder you need to reach the upper levels of your barn, you have a number of tools you have to transport around the farm. You can transport those more easily, with less fear of damage to your truck, with the help of a truck rack. Imagine hoisting a 10-foot ladder safely above the bed and cab of your truck, and then heading out to do the job. A truck rack makes it possible to do this safely.

4. Hauling Animals

Some types of truck racks can be adapted to be cages for small animals, like goats, poultry, and sheep. If you have an animal you need to transport quickly from one area of your farm to the next, or to the county fair for showing, you can load the critter up into your truck and head out on your way, again without the need for a trailer.

5. Cab Protection

Much of the focus of truck racks on the farm is hauling items, and for good reason, but a quality “headache rack” has another function. These racks protect the cab of the truck and the windows. Not only do they provide a buffer between the rugged items you are hauling in your truck, but they also block some sun, helping to keep the cab cool in hot, rough working conditions.

On many farms, a truck rack is considered an essential accessory. Magnum is a leading manufacturer of rugged truck racks and truck beds, helping you put your work truck to the best possible use. Add a truck rack to your farm truck today to ensure you are using it to the fullest. Contact Magnum today for help finding your ideal truck rack.

Photo credit: donjd2 / Foter / CC BY

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