5 Headache Saving Winter Tips

Winter TrafficHere are five headache saving tips to winterize your pickup truck:

Trucks that have four wheel drive operations (4WD) should be checked to make sure all components are working properly before driving anywhere; Getting stuck in a snow storm or on slick ice is not the ideal time for finding out that something doesn’t work and could potentially have dangerous and fatal consequences.

Don’t Be Over Confident

It’s important to keep in mind that even trucks equipped with 4WD will have no effect on driving on black ice. Roads that look slick in appearance, probably are. Black ice, which is nearly completely transparent on the road or can look like small puddles, is one of winter’s worst hazards to encounter when driving because of how often it gets overlooked by drivers. Extra caution should be taken when encountering black ice.

Clear All Windows 100%

Being able to see the world is especially critical when there’s snow and ice on the road. Before driving off, making sure that the outside and inside of all windows are cleaned thoroughly, including the mirrors which can aid in driving. Also replace any dull windshield wiper blades with fully functional working ones in case of snow fall. This will make driving on the road a bit easier with the reassurance that you’ll be able to see any possible obstructions in the road, such as blocks of ice.

Practice in an Empty Parking Lot

Make sure you know how to efficiently use your vehicle’s brakes and use them well when on ice and snow. Brakes and steering can go a long way in an emergency and avoiding potentially fatal accidents. If driving on icy roads and snow, you should modify the braking and steering technique you use on dry roads.

It’s also important to keep in mind that while steering can help a situation and even prevent a crash, over-steering never helps and can potentially only make a crash worse. The most common reaction in slick occurrences is to continue turning the steering wheel, but that won’t improve the situation.

Park Facing Out

Preventing a headache can start even before pulling out of your driving space. You should never park your vehicle under any rain gutters, tree branches, arcs, and anything of that sort where snow can compile up and then potentially fall down on your vehicle. The same thing can be said for parking near anything that can allow snow to fall in front or behind your vehicle which can prevent you from backing up or pulling out.

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