3 Reasons to Chip Your Truck

pick up performance chip

An E.C.U., or Electronic Control Unit is a beneficial performance upgrade for a pick-up truck for many reasons. The main reasons are that it allows the driver to monitor their vehicle performance in real time, and they will also benefit from an increased rate of horsepower and better fuel efficiency.

Real-time Monitoring

First of all, an E.C.U. chip monitors the real time statistics of a pick-up truck including the EGT, or Exhaust Gas Temperature of the pick-up truck motor, the current MPG value, the transmission temperature, engine intake temperature, and the boost pressure of a turbo. Real-time monitoring is a crucial aspect when upgrading parts in a pick-up, such as adding a bolt-on turbo and an upgraded exhaust system.

These components must be properly monitored so that they’re not red-lined, and damaged. Furthermore, real-time monitoring provided by an E.C.U. chip is especially beneficial to pick-up truck drivers when they’re trying to maintain an ideal MPG rate.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

In terms of fuel efficiency, an E.C.U. chip as noted above, is able to allow the pick-up truck to better utilize the gasoline for the engine. The stock settings that are pre-programmed into a vehicle’s embedded memory module can be wasteful at times; this is because these OEM chips are programmed with factory settings. However, the driving habits of an individual, the location they reside, and how well they maintain their vehicle can all have an effect on the MPG rate of their truck.

When an E.C.U. chip is installed, it can be configured to utilize the gasoline at a different rate, and also other fuel/air ratio settings can be applied to help an individual to increase their specific MPG rate with their pick-up truck.

More Horsepower & Torque

Lastly, as touched on above, an E.C.U. chip will help to increase a pick-up truck’s horsepower and torque by tweaking the fuel/air ratio, fuel delivery, and also helping to fine-tine and sync other performace add-ons. Increased horsepower and torque levels in a pick-up truck are especially useful for towing large loads.

Furthermore, increased torque will benefit the truck’s transmission so that there isn’t as much stress on the engine and crankshaft in maintaining speed within a gear. Whichever type of E.C.U. chip is used with a pick-up truck, it is sure to add a performance boost that the driver will be greatly satisfied with.

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