3 Pickup Performance Tips

dodge ram srt-10Great performance is power, and most pickup truck owners want more of both power and great performance. For pickup truck owners, there are numerous ways to increase power. And most of these ways don’t cost a lot of money. The following three tips will boost a pickup truck’s performance.

Checking the air pressure in tires often is an easy and inexpensive way to improve power in pickup trucks. If tires are under inflated, it can hinder good mileage by slowing vehicles down. Tires that are over-inflated don’t grip the road well. Properly inflated tires will provide power to a truck by helping tires adhere to the road well and help owners get great gas mileage. It will also give more road traction to help when passing on roads and fast paced highways. Visually assessing a tire will not give an accurate appraisal of a tire’s pressure. Using a simple tire gauge often is the best way to check for proper tire pressure.

Another inexpensive way to add power to a pickup is to change the oil often. Clean oil is the best oil for any vehicle and will keep the engine in great working order. A clean engine is a powerful one. This will also prevent expensive repairs in the future, so it’s better to change the oil even more often than recommended by the manufacturer.

Replacing the air filter often is the third way to add more power to your pickup truck. Dirty air filters and clogs create a drag on the engine and slow a pickup truck down. This is especially true for drivers who live in the city where the air is more polluted. In fact, dirty air filters can even cause lower gas mileage. New air filters are a low cost way to keep pickup trucks running well, boosting power and even create better gas mileage.

Pickup truck owners who want to increase power can find many ways to do this. But as the three ways mention above prove, the easiest ways to keep a pickup truck powerful are often quite simple and inexpensive. Attending to these three tasks on a regular basis will improve a vehicles performance and provide more power to the pickup.

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