2020 SEMA Show Predictions: Trends to Expect from This Year’s Conference

Ahhh, the 2020 SEMA show. It’s an annual delight for motor enthusiasts around the world. And while we might not be attending this year, we’re still excited to see what comes out of the infamous trade show. Once a year, aftermarket businesses from around the world gather at this exclusive event. Not part of the business club? That’s ok. Here are our predictions on what trends will emerge from 2020’s SEMA show in November.

Trucks Reign Supreme

The data is in. And it shows that truck ownership continues to grow steadily. Sure, some SEMA shows in the past have focused heavily on the sports and power vehicle categories. Still, we’re predicting that the focus is going to start shifting towards trucks and crossover vehicles.

Isn’t life more fun with a truck, anyway?

This year, we expect that the range of aftermarket accessories for trucks will continue to expand. Plus, we also think that crossovers will start to see their own range of aftermarket goodies to explode. As millennials continue to move through the vehicle buying process, they’re going to want more accessory options – not just for their trucks, but also for their crossover utility vehicles.

That Off-road Life2020 sema show truck tires mudding

Off-roading isn’t just a hobby anymore – it’s a lifestyle. From pickups to Jeeps, more and more octane enthusiasts are turning off-roading into a daily activity.

While some might think of off-roading as a rowdy, destructive hobby (cough *mudding* cough), it’s transformed into a way of life. Instead of staying in hotels during leisure travel time, more people are opting for staying off the beaten path.

There’s already been growth in the off-road aftermarket accessory category, but we expect this to be another big focus this year at the 2020 SEMA Show. And we’re talking about more than suspension and under-the-hood performance upgrades. Look for everything from roof racks to convenience accessories that bring a little luxury into off-road adventures.

Get It Custom

If you’re on team stock, you might want to just skip this section. Because we’re here to tell you that aftermarket customization for your truck is going nowhere fast. From lighting accessories to lift kits, customization is here to stay for a while.

Here’s the thing – people who opt for passenger cars and sedans tend to keep their vehicles for a short period of time. But, when you look at truck and crossover ownership, many owners take pride in their vehicle and tend to run them till they don’t start anymore.

That’s why we know that custom aftermarket accessories will continue to be in high demand. This year, we expect SEMA to show us some pretty incredible technologies that we couldn’t have imagined. If you can dream it, SEMA might just prove it’s possible.

Only time will tell exactly what the 2020 SEMA show has in store for us this year. If you’re not part of an aftermarket automotive business, don’t feel left out. If you’re interested in checking out all that SEMA has to offer, the general public is invited to the post-show SEMA Ignited event. Go check it out for yourself, and you might spot your next must-have accessory.

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