2015 GM Heavy Duty Preview

chevy heavy dutyEvery year Chevy offers a great line of vehicles but the 2015 GM Heavy Duty truck is set to be one of Chevys best releases yet. The heavy duty truck will have many new changes and upgrades but it will also stick with some of the best features of their previous trucks.

The heavy duty truck will most likely stick with a six speed transmission while the engine will probably be upgraded. The engine will be an updated 6.0 or 6.2. gas engine and there will also be a 6.6. liter diesel option.

The most important upgrades will most likely be made in the interior where the software and features will give the driver better options. Changes in the software of the vehicle will allow for easier towing and hauling making for a smoother ride.

The GMC heavy duty truck is set to be larger than previous versions. The heavy duty truck is going to be longer and bigger making it easier to use for towing and off road use.

Although the production of the 2015 heavy duty trucks will fully begin at the end of 2013 many are already anticipating its release. The 2015 heavy duty GMC truck has been out for test drives along with other heavy duty trucks. Before making it to the production line the GMC heavy duty truck like many vehicles goes through very rigorous tests to ensure the exterior and interior are just perfect. There are heat tests, high altitude tests, towing tests and many other tests the vehicle must be put through before making it to the production line.The 2015 heavy duty GMC truck will offer drivers a great new truck with some great new features. Chevy always offers drivers safe, reliable cars and trucks and the 2015 heavy duty truck will be a great add Chevys long list of great vehicles. Many are excited to see the new features the bigger, better and easier to operate heavy duty truck will be. Although it is still some time before the heavy duty GMC truck is released there are already many many fans of it.

Photo credit: DiamondBack Truck Covers / Foter / CC BY-SA


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