2015 Ford Super Duty Dualie

2015 Ford DualieThe Super Duty line of Ford has been updated and even though it looks the same on the exterior, the changes have been pretty nifty and practical. Reliability and power has been added to its diesel V-8 (6.7 liter Powerstroke). The changes seem to be well received by Ford lovers and critics alike. The following points take a look at 2015 Ford Super Duty line – 

• The Biggest Change – The biggest change and improvement for buyers of 2015 Ford Super Duty is the Powerstroke V-8. For making it more powerful and reliable, the engineers of Ford have slapped on a bigger turbocharger which is 8.5mm larger than the previous one in diameter. Thus, lesser boost is used than before and more usable power is made by the Powerstroke because of this one simple and brilliant change. Wastegate is eliminated because of this design change.

• Power Output – The power output is yet to be announced for the Powerstroke V-8 second generation and the only thing that is known is that it would be more than the current 400 hp and 800 lb-ft of torque Powerstroke.

• Other Notable Improvements – While other improvements are not as groundbreaking as the second generation Powerstroke V-8, they are still notable. According to Ford, the performance in high altitude has improved considerably. Also, because of the larger turbocharger, the engine exhaust braking has seen marked improvement.

Other changes in the Powerstroke include a new torque converter that allows the 6 speed automatic to easily and effortlessly handle the extra power, notable reduced friction in the internals of the engine, and fuel injectors and fuel pump that are high pressure.

• Changes with Individual Models – Other models of Ford have received pretty great improvements too. The Super Duty King Ranch of the F-series has updated wheel lip moldings, lower body and bumpers. Its interior is much more luxurious with Mesa leather seats and the ‘Running W’ logo has been made more prominent. The hauling and towing capability of 2015 Ford F-450 has been increased considerably as well. It has received stronger stabilizer bars, better shocks, rear leaf springs which are heavy duty and a sturdier frame.

Introduced at the Texas State Fair where pickup truck manufacturers have a great time showcasing their latest products, the F-250, F-350 and F-450 models looked pretty similar to their previous versions. However, the internal changes could be seen under their skin and they were well received by enthusiasts of Ford.

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